Portfolio Projects’ Presentation Vol. IV – Landscape Pvt. Ltd.

Landscape (www.landscape.com.pk) presents more of its Architecture and Interior Design Projects both Corporate and Residential. A renovation/remodeling project of a 500 sq yd residential house as well as a newly designed House over a 1000 SQYD plot in DHA Phase VIII karachi, Pakistan. Landscape's diversified design portfolio includes designing of a contemporary Zen Garden at a residential plot in defence with use o
f varied design materials from stamping tiles to champa tree, rocks, pebbles, shrubs, waterfall, deck, wooden seating etc. 
There is space planning of a Fashion House designed for Denim display using organic theme of flooring, ceiling, display as well as a connecting conference room for their executive board meetings. The other project is a Private Retreat in Chakwal; architecturally designed with a modern inspiration of split levels, courtyard, guest house, pool and use of natural elements and design materials. 
Further designed is a corporate office having Director's room, conference room and reception as key areas. Customized furniture is designed for conference room, workstations for marketing department as well as Director's and Manager rooms' tables/desk.
You can inquire at info@landscape.com.pk or call at 111-LAND-11 (+9221-111-5263-11)